Women's bible study Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm(check dates below)

Bible Study Starting March 3rd - April 7th


 James Banks invites you to the greatest conversation of your life: an  ever-deepening prayer with the God who created you and loves you. Prayer  isn’t easy, but in six 12–15 minute Bible Study sessions, Banks explores biblical  examples to show us how we can "pray without ceasing."  

May 5th - May 26th


 The subject of women in the church is both important and controversial.  John MacArthur is not afraid of either. In this revised work, MacArthur  examines what the Bible teaches in I Timothy 2:9-15. He discusses topics  ranging from the attitude and appearance of women, to their role in and  contribution to the church. 

June 16 - July 14th


 Grammy Award-winning songwriter Story had a fairy-tale life---until her  husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Can blessings arise from  broken dreams? Tackling common myths about God and hardship, she  examines what happens when life doesn't turn out as we expect---and  offers assurance that although our situation may never get better, we can grow because of it.  

Sept.8th- Oct. 27th


 If you’re dissatisfied in your prayer life, wanting to be more  consistent in prayer, or looking to deepen your intimacy with God, then  this Bible study was written for you. It examines the prayers of eight  biblical characters and teaches you how to pray like the prayer warriors  who went before you.